Florida Surgeon General recommends against mRNA vaccines

I know there’s still some companies doing vaccine mandates although most seem to be allowing exemptions. None seem to be requiring the newest booster. I wonder how this will play out in court if the prospective employee is from Florida.

Weird. The department makes the recommendation for men 18-39 based on evidence of increased chance of heart attack. Both Pfizer & Moderna are MRNA vaccines. The only 2 people I know who had side effects severe enough for hospitalization took the J&J and the gov/navy put a short hold on J&J due to its side effects?

Dr. Ladapo was hand-picked by Gov. De Santis to follow the governor’s political views. De Santis fired the previous State Surgeon General because he dared to follow CDC guidelines.

That doesn’t mean Dr. Ladapo is evil or stupid. It means, for whatever reason, he doesn’t follow the science that most doctors believe is legitimate. And he is decidedly in the minority about the safety of vaccines.

If five doctors tell you you have cancer, and one doctor says you don’t, who are you going to listen to?

[From the article about Ladapo]…He did away with school quarantines and masks. When public health officials across the country were urging vaccines as a way to end the pandemic, Dr. Ladapo was raising warning flags about possible side effects…

…Equally troubling for his critics was Dr. Ladapo’s failure to reject more fringe views on virus treatments, including the drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. He joined Mr. DeSantis in clamoring for the federal government to supply some monoclonal antibody treatments even after they had been deemed ineffective against the Omicron variant, which dominated caseloads…“To say he’s out of the mainstream would be an understatement,” said Dr. Ashish K. Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. “His views are not only very unorthodox — they don’t make any sense.”


It is wise to reject anything originating from within the realm of the Tallahassee Taliban. This is the same cabal of cretins that prohibited the use of the terms global warming or climate change on any state document. The list of DeSantis insanities grows daily.

There are good reasons why Floriduh and the Florida Man meme have become synonymous with bizarre behavior and midieval thinking.


Dr. Ladapo has an MD from Harvard Medical School.

Can you share what education and professional experience leads you to cast doubt on his medical credentials?

Maybe you were ahead of him in his class at Harvard?


Jeff Skilling had an MBA from Harvard Business School and Ted Kaczynski graduated Harvard with a degree in Math…that doesn’t mean they made the best decisions for those around them.


I’m general, I like DeSantis, but he really has his head up his ass about Covid.

No surprise that DeSantis went out and found a doctor that also has his head up his ass about Covid.


Weird. It’s almost like there’s a reason appeal to authority is a fallacy.

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COVID cases on the rise in Europe could spell trouble for US - WFIN Local News

Original source (on modern site) | Article images: [1]


(NEW YORK) — As colder weather arrives and people head indoors in Europe, a COVID-19 wave may be looming on the continent — and could signal what’s to come for the United States.

Data from the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control shows cases and hospitalizations are rising in several countries.

A WHO report released Wednesday showed weekly cases reached 1.5 million this week, an increase of 8% compared to the previous week.

In France, COVID-19 rates increased 31% overall, with a marked increase in those aged 80 and older, according to the country’s health agency Santé publique France.

The health agency said both new hospitalizations and new deaths have “continued to increase,” but did not offer specific numbers.

Meanwhile, in England, about one in 50 people — an estimated 1,105,400 — had COVID-19 the week ending Sept. 24, according to data released on Friday by the Office for National Statistics.

This is an increase from the one in 65, or about 857,400 individuals, who had the virus the week before.

What’s more, the current seven-day average of deaths in England sits at 65, according to government data, which is the highest figure recorded in more than one month.

Currently, in the U.S., COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are trending downward and deaths have plateaued, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, public health experts say the COVID situation in Europe is likely a foreshadowing of what’s to come in the U.S.

“We’ve seen this pattern,” Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, told ABC News. “We’ve heard this song before, which is that winter comes and cases start rising in places that are cold and, this year, more restrictions have been dropped compared to previous years.”

“The pattern is Europe, New York, then West Coast,” he added.

In fact, there may be some warning signs this is already happening. According to the CDC’s wastewater dashboard, virus levels have risen in some regions of the country including the Northeast and Midwest.

Chin-Hong said while vaccines and boosters will help limit the number of severe COVID-19 cases and deaths in the U.S., there is likely a mix of vaccine fatigue and confusion over who can get the new booster.

“The Kaiser Family Foundation data was shocking to me,” Chin-Hong said. “Not even knowing is shocking, because it’s not even about not wanting to get it if you don’t even know about it.”

He continued, “So, I think that people are fatigued, they’re really tuned out of vaccine news, they tuned out of COVID news you just want to move on with life.”

However, Chin-Hong stressed that Americans should get the updated booster as soon as possible to protect themselves.

“You might want to get it sooner rather than later given what’s happening in Europe of if you’re traveling abroad,” he said. “I have an uncle who went to France and six hours before he boarded, he tested positive for COVID. So, I think there is a lot of stuff happening in Europe and it may affect your return back home.”

He also recommended the public get the flu shot to reduce their risk of getting infected with influenza and reduce the stress on the hospital system.

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I didn’t say that did I? In fact I sad the opposite…

If you think Mr. Ladapo’s degree makes him an expert, why do you ignore the degrees of the majority of physicians, and Harvard Medical School, who disagree with him? Is it because you, like Gov. De Santis cherrypicked him because his views aligned with yours? Once again I’ll ask…

I’m going to listen to the five, even though I’d rather agree with the one. But you may think different and that’s Ok.

To answer your original question:

We are requiring the new bivalent booster by Jan. 1. The captains and officers are quite pro-vaccine, so it’s not a hard sell. Mariners aren’t quibbling about it. 99% got vaccinated earlier, despite that round of anti-vaxx hysteria. (By the way, we do have a couple of non-vaccinated mariners. We aren’t absolutists.)


Here may be the closest thing anyone will read to a controlled study on the efficacy of vaccines on mariners:

Where I work we carefully tracked Covid19 infections from the beginning of the Pandemic, in both the seagoing and shoreside components of the company. So we know firsthand how well vaccines truly work

Since the pandemic started in March of 2020 we’ve had only three instances of C19 on our vessels. All came after we vaccinated our crews. Two were after the masks mandates/quarantines ended. Before the vaccines were distributed we had several cases of seamen getting C19 on their time-off, as well as cases of shoreside workers getting C19, both before and after vaccination. So we can compare groups: vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, mariners vs. shoreside workers.

In each of the three instances of C19 aboard ship no one else got ill beside the single patient, despite the boat being at sea for over a week. Part of this was isolation. But these aren’t big ships. The heads are shared, etc. No HEPA filters in the ventilation system. And mind you, one of the infected people was a cook, who began cooking again on Day 3 while “in isolation” while still testing C19 positive.

Yet no one else caught C19 on any boat, in part, because nearly everyone is vaccinated.

In most case the vaccinated infected person, whether at sea or ashore, had roughly the same experience; one day of feeling bad, followed by rapid recovery the next day, with minor and decreasing cough on Days 3 and 4, and a negative test on Day 5. This progression became so normal we could almost predict it.

With the unvaccinated people we tracked the effects could last twice as long, and be twice or severe, or worse. A striking thing is how quickly the infected vaccinated mariners tested negative. Before the vaccines were available, when our shoreside people caught C19 they could test positive for the virus for weeks afterwards. But with our vaccinated cases the virus is usually undetectable in 5 days, and in one instance 3 days. Proof positive of how well the vaccine work in stimulating the immune system.

This isn’t lab data. This is all stuff we tracked in our own company, on boats and ashore.

Once home on leave many mariners caught C19, particularly this year after mask mandates/quarantines, etc. were dropped. The sharp rise after the end of precautions indicates those precautions worked. During the Pandemic there were a lot of people that said these precautions were ineffective. Wrong!

We have had two cases of vaccinated employees with more severe symptoms. One has an underlying health issue. The other is quite fit however. In this person’s case they tested negative on Day 5, but had troubling bouts of fatigue afterwards, and this crew member had to be flown home. When this person was infected it had been been over a year since their original booster, which is not as effective against the Omicron variant as the new bivalent booster. It is obvious to me had this person not been vaccinated at all their symptoms would have been even worse.

The new bivalent booster was developed against both the original virus and the more common version around now.

So we have actual real-world data on how effective vaccines are. We see how they limit the spread of disease from one crew member to another. We see with perfect clarity how vaccines curtail the disease in those people who do get infected. And we wonder how much more damage the disease would have done to some of our employees had they not had even the partial protection of the original vaccines.

Since most of our employees are not adverse to vaccines, it makes perfect sense to continue the protection.


You’ve used the appeal to authority fallacy many times during the pandemic. When confronted with new data from someone whose qualifications you’re unable to demean and belittle you reflexively cast doubt on his motivations. This isn’t about data or science to you. It’s about faith.

Maybe you should consider that the pharmaceutical industry is a leaky vessel to hold so much faith.



Scientists see few signs of a big COVID-19 wave this winter. But you just never know.

In Massachusetts and throughout the nation, the Omicron subvariant called BA.5 remains the dominant strain, although it is slowly losing ground to BA.4.6, a subvariant that is similar enough that it isn’t raising alarms. Continue reading →

Our lord and savior Joe Biden says Covid is over, why is anyone s talking about this?


Not to be intentionally offensive & it really doesn’t matter but I didn’t believe that the first time you posted it & less so now. You were claiming your workforce had a 3% infection rate while the CDC said the general population was a 40%-60%. If any of your employees had school age children at home (or spouse who works) then all precautions your company took was pretty much thrown out the window because children are nasty. You’re companys infection rate was probably the same as the general population just like the CDC claimed except they weren’t telling you or didn’t have symptoms.

Shortly before or after this post you also claimed something about your employees not wanting Christmas bonuses but pieces of pie instead? I suspect something wasn’t getting through on the communications.

I love vaccines btw, whole family took the annual flu shot 3 days ago & we’re all boostered up. The wife is the only one who experiences mild side effects with Pfizer. The rest of us forget we ever took them as soon as the bandaid falls off.

You are confusing shipboard infections (3) with total infections of ALL employees, whether the disease was contracted ashore or afloat. I don’t have that number at hand on a weekend but the latter would be maybe 50 percent of all employees, more or less, in a company of about 100 people.

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Because it’s not over.

There are still 300 people dying each day in the US of Covid.

People who refuse or neglect to keep current on their booster shots continue to catch and spread Covid.

Politicians are counting votes and pandering to the wishes of ignorant voters rather than taking effective public health measures.

New Covid variants continue to emerge.

This shitshow will continue for many years.


When Floriduh and/or DeSantis has any association, the motivations are quite obvious. If science and history are not good enough for you, you are the perfect candidate for membership in the American Taliban. Judging by your posts so far you might already be a high ranking member.


Careful, you should probably avoid getting your heart rate up.


Even Forbes thinks this guy is nuts.Not surprising as Florida and California are known for nut cases. The “ran out of land” theory applies in both states cases. This theory was promulgated by grandfather 50 years ago when I asked why Florida and California seem to be ,different. He explained that Florida was populated over the last 100 years by people who were con artists who lacked the constitution to bear cold weather so that kept moving south selling swamp until they came to the ocean and could move no more. California was populated by people who traveled across the entire USA looking for a place they fit in. They never found it because they also ran into an ocean and could go no further. The people of California like the people of Florida then started breeding with each other. The rest is history. :grinning: