Feedback on slow selling ship shirts


I love the capt Ron shirt just bought one as I didn’t know there was one.


Sweet thanks!!


Drawing looked fine to me but then again I just had teen martoonies.



The store is great, a few issues. The Guy pulling the line up on the dock looks like your customer, then when you click on the page there is a model wearing some type of Sacks 5th Ave gloves and a little hard hat. We need clothes tougher that Carhardtt offshore. Nothing to delicate


Good point. We are looking into a deal with Grundens. Any other companies you suggest?


So what I got out of this thread is that John is going to Washington DC to sell shirts that no one wants. He can get a government contract to supply clothing to MSC ships. Brilliant, and along the way he is pissing off some of his readers, way to go. Great Job. Make a John McCain No Sign Shirt that anti Jones Act clown, Thanks John Great Reading.


John, more people need to tell you what to do and how to run your life, don’t you just love the internet.


Duluth trading


The best shirts at onetime back in the day were LAPCO, Louisiana Apparel Company, they had these heavy long sleeve brown shirts with snap buttons, great shirts you could wear all year long, we gave them out as safety awards. I will dig up the shirt number, please stand by.


LAPCO 950’s




@john in the hat area how about those Landry hats as mentioned here:

Finally in the position to do some shopping, ordering later today!


A link to the shop on the forum pages might help. Currently, you have to go back to the gCaptain home page to get to the shop. But maybe that’s the idea, to send traffic to the home page from the forum…?


Few will look as good in their Landry hat as this handsome mutt!

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When you’re right, you’re right. Hey, I think I sailed with that guy on the Mobil Fuel. Pumpman, helluva hand. Does he have an anchor tattoo on his right front leg?


Another thought. I really like the old shipping posters of the WWII era. Maybe some of those on the back of a shirt?





I like some of them, but what has kept me from pulling the trigger on those is the art placement. For example, I like the Anchor & Tridents shirt. The long sleeve version has a small print on the front over where the breast pocket would be and then the print is repeated on the back, but bigger. I like the design, but I am not a big fan of long sleeve shirts. No biggie, there’s a t-shirt version, right? Except the t-shirt has the giant print on the front and nothing on the back. Why not just make it a short sleeve version of the long sleeve? Or the Shark Diver shifts. Great logo, but I think more would be interested if it were small on the front and big on the back. The small on front/big on back doesn’t work on all of them though, for example, I don’t like how it makes the Bermuda Triangle shirt look. It’s too busy on the front, even though the print is small.

The majority that I don’t like just aren’t my style. The engineering ones, for example, look like something designed by a deckie (no offense). The Engineer shirt is kind of a neat idea, but I think it would be a better shirt without the “Engineer” on it since there’s a lot of non-engineer stuff going on with the drawing. The hardhat/prop.cog just doesn’t do it for me. The “get pumped” is again too busy and fine lines like that tend to start disappearing after a few wash/dry cycles.

On the plus side, I do like the kids stuff. I’ll be ordering a few of those for Christmas.

And since a few are throwing out ideas for designs, I have two.
First idea: Small prop on the breast, large prop on the back with Unlimited above the prop and Horsepower below the prop. And not one of those little yachtie three bladed deals. Minimum four blades, though five would be better.

Second idea: Blank front. Back would be a drawing of a slow speed piston and piston rod vertical as though suspended by a crane for install. Next to at standing at the same level as the piston rod foot would be a person drawn at the same scale as the piston/piston rod leaning their hand against it. Below that would be something like “Marine Engineer.” If the font for Marine Engineer was done right then you could almost make it as though the words were the deck that the guy and piston were standing on.

Anyhow, just my 2 cents.


One more. I have a memorial SS El Faro shirt made by a guy on Facebook. I wore it at sea on the second anniversary (Oct 1) this year. People want and buy things like this to honor and remember those who gave all in this industry. I think if you came up with a nice version from gCaptain, it would do well especially if you offered to set aside some or all of the profit to benefit the families. I know at least one family (Mike Holland) has a scholarship set up for aspiring young mariners, but I don’t know all the details.

By the way, John, thanks for joining AMMV. Worthy organization. I urge all of you to check it out. American Merchant Marine Veterans.


This kind of an enterprise (gCaptain) requires that you keep many balls in the air at the same time. Some ideas will work, others will fall away. Even the big boys with lots of money are feeling the pains of finding their customers, understanding the changing needs of those customers and maintaining those relationships. There grasshopper is the key.


I wish you had the tool pens in stock when I made my order the other day.