Announcing The New gCaptain Store!


Shop gCaptain

The gCaptain team, along with over a dozen volunteer beta testers and clothing designers, has been working hard this summer to launch the single most requested feature we get at gCaptain… a place to purchase gCaptain merchandise.

And today we can finally announce that our shop is finally OPEN FOR BUSINESS! :bananadance:

That said we never forget our biggest supporters so, gCaptain’s dedicated forum members, we want to make sure to thank you for your continued support by offering 16% off everything in our store! It’s only slightly higher than our grand opening sale but lasts a little longer (through the weekend).

The coupon code to use at checkout is: forumthanks

Here’s the link to the sotre: Shop gCaptain

And please return here to tell us what you think!


P.S. And thank you again to our Beta Test team! :clapping: We couldn’t have launched this without you!!



Sorry John, I got busy at work and dropped the ball on that beta thing but WOW, that store is amazing. I’m not much of a online clothing guy but I don’t think I’ve seen anything that good before.

well done


Kind words, Thanks Brian!


Congrats @john best of luck. The online store really looks good. I will help you market it to attract thousands of new customers and connections. Now the work really begins. :smiley:


Awesome, thank you!


WOW - What a great first day in sales numbers.


They are selling like hot cakes :party:


Does anyone still have the original gCaptain shirt circa 2008 with the anchor on front and this on the back? #vintage-gCapt


Some have asked why we are launching a shop selling $30 tshirts while the industry is in a slump and many are out of work. Here’s my answer and, while I spoke mostly of the news… the information pertains to this forum as well.

How Are T-Shirts Relevant To Maritime News? The Inside Story Behind Shop gCaptain

P.S. And just in anticipation of someone claiming $30 is crazy high… we did a lot of research and this is the going rate for professionally designed, high quality shirts (Here’s just one of our favorite examples:

P.S.2. Yes you can print shirts for $6, even high quality shirts for $12 but only if you print in massive quantity and carry loads of inventory and your shirts are made in China… for which you still have to hire people. Our shirts cost $18 to make and over twenty dollars each after designers are paid, the items are photographed, quality assurance is complete, models are shot and before our 100% return policy kicks in.


I hope you end up making good money.


How much is shipping to Mogadishu?


All international shipping is $20 but we don’t ship to Mogadishu.


Hi John,

Consider experimenting with the sales strategy of selling a product before it is even actually created. That’s what many of the successful marketers do. I hope to see you start up with the live video again in the future like you did 7-8 months ago.



Yes, Tim Ferris is a friend of mine (actually a close friend of a close friend) and thats what he suggests… and its pretty much what we are doing now with the shirts all printed on demand.

But if you have any specific product suggestions, I’m all ears.


He might be more talking about what some online guys do where they offer a shirt design in limited runs. It’s able to be ordered for a week or two and after that deadline all the orders are made and shipped. That way you can do bulk ordering without over ordering.


After returning from a quick trip to see family, I just now opened my packages from the gCaptain Store (slight delay due to my neighbor picking up my mail LOL).

Everything that I ordered looks great and is exactly as advertised!

I will be placing an order for a Zippered Hoodie shortly and I am sure I will be as please with this as I am with my first order.

Way Too Go to the gCaptain Staff (@john) for setting this up and I wish them nothing but the best of luck in the future.


Awesome… glad you love it!!


Yeah I have the sweatshirt :grin:


Yes, I have the white hooded sweatshirt. Shall i save it for gCapt museum? :sunglasses: