gCaptain Store is OPEN!

Hey folks, the gCaptain store is officially open! Pick up your last minute holiday gifts here: http://shop.gcaptain.com/

Use discount code: bigG2013 to get 10% off

$35.00 for a hat, what do you think we have? Oil money?

Hey, if it helps fund Gcaptain with getting a larger server, I’m all for it.

[QUOTE=coldduck;126256]$35.00 for a hat, what do you think we have? Oil money?[/QUOTE]

Sorry about that. Price was wrong, its $22.00

•8" Narrow Beanie
•Regular Gauge Knit
•100% Acrylic
•Stretch to Fit
•One Size Fits Most

Just got a box full of samples in from the store, and I gotta tell you, this gear is NICE. It’s admittedly more expensive than normal, but I assure you that you’ll be getting what you pay for. Will post some pics shortly…

I was sent a bunch of samples recently and took some photos of myself… I really wish I could have kept all the gear because it was nice stuff.

In the below image, I’m wearing Kaenon Hard Kore polarized sunglasses and the Helly Hansen Daybreaker 1/2 Zip. It’s a super comfortable mid-weight fleece shirt for everyday wear. You’ll put this shirt on, and never want to take it off, I assure you.

In the below image, I’m wearing the Helly Hansen Crew Vest. Highly versatile, durable, and water resistant.

In the below two images I’m wearing a Smartwool beanie and the Helly Hansen Langley Jacket (heavy weight fleece). Both were great. The beanie kept my head really warm but wasn’t at all bulky. The jacket was heavy weight and well made.

In the below image, I’m wearing the Helly Hansen HAAG Jacket.


[li]Fleece on inside of collar[/li][li]Chin shield[/li][li]Hood stows under the collar, and has a zipper for removal[/li][li] Hood has front draw cord adjustment and back velcro adjustment[/li][li]Storm flap with zip[/li][li]Draw cord adjustment at hem[/li][li]Right chest exterior pocket/waterproof zip and pull[/li][li]Two front pockets with zip Inner pocket with zip[/li][li]Velcro adjustment in cuffs[/li][li]Extended back Loop on inside for ID card[/li][li]Zipper on inside lining to permit embroidery[/li][/ul]

Plus, everyone needs a gCaptain shot glass…

Here’s the link to the store, there’s lots more stuff inside: https://shop.gcaptain.com/