Feedback on slow selling ship shirts


yeah, sorry about that. We’ve sold over 150 of them and have outstripped our supplier twice! They are selling much better than predicted.

But they are back in stock so why not just order them now? :wink:


Because I can no longer bundle them in with my shipping or the 20% off still.


Yeah, shipping is a problem but you should have got a coupon for $5 off future orders which is better than 20% off a pen.

If you didn’t get it then here it is “welcomeaboard!” (Note: this code is only good for repeated buyers).

P.S. I’ll lower the price of the pen for the next hour so you get free shipping too… But, as they say in the commercials, act fast to receive this limited time offer!

Best Watch For Professional Mariners

I’d buy a Capt Ron Shirt that had some of the movies best quotes under the picture. Like, “It’s the tides boss, sometimes they work for you, sometimes they work against you, and if I’m being honest I’ve had these problems with the tides before…” or “Nobody knows Boss…” That’s what makes those movies so great. It’s the dialogue.


My favorite “anything that’s going to happen is going to happen out there”


I like it but might be too many words for a tshirt.

I played around with a take on Las Vegas’ slogan but it was also too wordy:

What happens on ship, stays on ship!
(not that you can’t tell anyone… just they aren’t likely to believe you)


Hours of Boredom, Followed by Moments of Terror!


Groundhog Day movie reference. Because every day is Groundhog Day at sea


Oh yeah. Everyone thinks it will be so exciting but the reality is the opposite.


Getting back to selling shirts… I’m partial to this design:



…with South at 90° and East at 180° ?


Those are Navy compass roses…




Your observation skills are truly astounding!. With hard work and concentration, you could become a fifth or maybe even a fourth captain.


Unfortunately, fifty years ago, this career path did not exist.


Thank you Admin for the very cool and unique shirt! The comments section of this thread alone motivated me to purchase it. I wrote my password down too so I don’t have to ask for a new one every time I log in.


Sweet shirt!! Thank you Scotty!


Can I get something like that but instead of a hardened sailor saying he’s going back to sea with a seabag
over his shoulder, can I get a guy with roll aboard luggage and an xbox under his arm?


It’s not gay if it’s underway…


Yes, absolutely you can get that on a T-shirt! Here’s what you have to do… let your fingers do the walking until you find “TShirt printer” then dial up the number listed and ask to talk to the proprietor :wink: