Feedback on slow selling ship shirts



Thanx for the store. Now that I see you sell the shirts in Grand Kids sizes, I’ll order some up once I’m back Stateside.


Yes, lots of good stuff in our kids department. Thank you!


I think there’s an issue with your system and people that pay via PayPal. Not only did I never received this discount code after my last order but the checkout system won’t accept it when I try to use it.


I just tested it, the coupon system works fine but you have to enter it before you click the PayPal button.

Are you using desktop or mobile?


I did, and it seemed to work, then after I logged in through PayPal it said my information doesn’t qualify.



Last time did you use a credit card or PayPal?




Strange… we’ll look into it.

Also PM me your order number and we will refund the discount amount.


I haven’t actually completed the order yet. You want me to go ahead and do so?


Yes, if you want.


On my order I entered the code before going to paypal, it took it and showed the reduced price, but paypal still had the price without the discount. This was by desktop.


Ok, I have refunded you the $5 and will be investigating this issue further tomorrow.



I saw the needlegun shirt in the store but I think a better caption would be:

“let me play you the song of my people”




My wife just got the ship shirt, the tag on the shirt says Large and the shirt says medium, its on the way back, ISO 9001 quality control audit coming your way…She LOVES the Shirt, with blue and white strips and the containers ship on it,


I’d love to see the soft shell jackets come with color logos instead of all white.