How exactly do CRET and ET compare, or do both have supervisory responsibilities for their departments if they have BS degrees?

CRET work for the SCO in the Radio Room. The two ET’s work for the Chief Engineer. ETs make a bunch more $$$. On the AKE’s a good ET is one of the most important crewmemebers aboard and the Cheif Engineers will do nearly anything to keep them assigned to the ship. Lots of extra goodies like ship’s leave and big OT.

What do you mean by a bunch more money (I hope to be able to pay my parents back over 100K [BS IT from a private school] that they lent me while I was in college, and looking for work), and OT?

If I know I want to move into being an officer, and work towards my captains license (political aspiration reasons) they’ll help me gain the skills required while staying on the same ship?