Opportunities for an American ETO?

Hi guys, what (if any) opportunities exist for a marine electronics technician with an ETO endorsement in his MMC?

I’m aware of the ARA and it’s contracts, but I am wondering if there is any possibility of working international either on cargo ships or in the oil & gas industry. Maybe even survey vessels? Also, anything domestic or US-flagged, other than the ARA and MSC vessels?

I am a long time marine electronics tech, but newer to shipboard/sailing part of the industry.

I’d really appreciate any insight you’d be willing to share. Thanks in advance!

Are you saying you have a STCW III/6 Electro Technical Officer?

I am in the process of getting that, yes.

once you have that you can go anywhere.
Make sure you are up to speed with PLC’s

Right on, that’s good to know.

Is there any good money to be made internationally specifically as a American ETO, or will companies simply hire Indian ETO’s and pay them relative pennies?

If you can get onto a modern vessel you should get real wages.
Avoid PSV and AHTS as the day rates are so low they wont pay