Looking for suggestions / advices related to mid life career dilemma

Hi All,
I am writing this from India. I am (or rather used to be) a seafarer, until 2013. I’m a 2M (FG) ticket holder from India. I have been trying to get back into maritime field since then, but have not been successful, most probably due to a long gap in my career and also that I am now 47 years old. Most places where I have applied for 3rd Mate/2nd Mate roles, I have been rejected and I’ve been told that long gaps and age factor are working against my chances), so I have ended up working in contact centers to pay my bills and run my household, as a tech support exec. It’s not as glamorous as maritime, but it’s better than being unemployed. Also, technology always attracts me like a magnet. I find it easier to deal with machines, more than humans.

Now, I am still subscribed to telegram and whatsapp channels related to job vacancies. So, I am noticing that

  1. Demand for deck officers (jr. officers to be specific) in dry ships are very few, but in tankers (all kinds of) I am still noticing continuous vacancies are coming up.
  2. Demand for engineers is still coming up more or less steadily. I am in particular lately, looking specifically at vacancies related to ETO roles.

So, I am looking for highly valuable advice/suggestions from all fellow seasoned seafarers’ from all over world.

How is the actual job market scenario related to ETO, in Indian maritime industry?

Is it possible and worth the efforts, if I decide to switch to ETO role, on board cargo / cruise vessels? If it is possible, could someone please point to right direction, as to how to go about it? I mean getting education (degree & all), seatime required, OJT, etc, any helpful resources will be highly appreciated. Also, given my age, is it actually possible to get back to college (if not in India, then somewhere else maybe)?
Alternately, should I stick to 3M/2M profile, and get into tanker side of vessels? I currently do not have any sailing experience in tankers (of any type), only in bulkers and a container vessel. If that’s the right direction, then how to go about it? What all courses and trainings will be required? Also how is the job market for jr. deck officers on tankers?

And finally, between going ETO way and sticking to Deck Off profile, which has brighter future job prospects? Like diversifying to cruise, shore jobs (ETO vs Deck Officer) and which role will remain in demand in near future?
Looking forward for your valuable suggestions and career advices