LAN Admins overworked & underpaid

On the T-AKEs the LAN Administrator is just about the most important cremember aboard. It is too bad they are only considered Chief RETs. I feel they should be thier own rate & department with a much higher base pay and overtime rate. There needs to be a movement within MSC to change things with regard to these folks. Anyone else feel the same way?

Having recently served on a T-AKE, I agree that the LAN Admin has a challenging job. However, they do not lead others, handle funds, or hold a Staff Officer’s certificate, so I believe that the Chief RET rate is appropriate. Believe me, they are well paid for their load and irregular hours. If they want a higher base pay, they need to lead other RETs as the SCO.

Are we talking about computer networking guys? Thats an actual postion on ships now?

Sort of. The T-AKE’s are diesel electric. As such there’s a high level of automation and networking that goes into the design. All the automation is run through a Local Area Network (LAN) on board the vessel.

[QUOTE=UnRepKing;31759] Anyone else feel the same way?[/QUOTE]

No. The position is no more important than the electrician or reefer. He or she works for and under the direction of the chief engineer for a good reason and if that isn’t obvious to an ET with dreams of achieving some management level role my point is proven.

OK so they is some importance to their position, but I agree with Steamer. It’s a grunt position and will receive grunt pay. Tired of grunt pay get your license and become the boss.

Calling your self about the most important crew member on board is a far stretch when the fundamental part of your job is to run and crimp cat 5 and assign IP address.

On a T-AKE, the Chief Radio ET (9995) is payed appox. the same as the 3rd mates and 3rd A/Es.
The ETs (9944) that are grouped with the ER folks is payed $2k more per year than the above, and are the highest payed non-licensed member of the ER by far, (on the oilers they are payed less, about even with the Chief Radio ET). So what’s the beef? Damn good money for an entry level MMC or am I missing something?

[QUOTE=Jeffrox;31969] So what’s the beef? Damn good money for an entry level MMC or am I missing something?[/QUOTE]

I don’t see the ET as any more a “grunt” than the electrician or the reefer. Having sailed as both I have a great deal of respect for the skills and responsibilities shouldered by the technical rates and know they earn every dollar they make. When I sailed as a 3rd engineer I made less money and had less work load than the electrician or reefer and knew first hand why I made less.

As for an ET, electrician or any other technical specialist becoming a department head, sorry Charlie, there is only one head of the engine department and it is me, the chief. I don’t want you touching anything related to my automation unless I know what you are planning and know how it might impact my systems. I want to know when, how long, and why you are considering any repair, modification, or adjustment of any component that is connected to my machinery, and you aren’t going to do it until I tell you to.

If you have a compelling need to become a department head, get a license and work your way up the ladder. By then you will know why I am such a prick about somebody with 3 weeks working on a ship believing he rates a department of his own.