Military Sealift Command OS pay

Okay so im about to leave for the MSC in about 2 weeks as an OS for deck department. I hear the money is good for young guys but the thing is I will have to pay for my apartment and utilities as I take care of my elderly mother and she lives with me. I was just wonderint on average, how much does an OS take home every two weeks with all the OT they pull?

Too many variables.

Depends if you are on Watch or a Day Worker OS, the type of ship, fleet location, whether you are a West or East Coast Mariner, the mission and what work needs to be done and whether the Captain or Chief Engineer would even release additional funds for Overtime. How much of your life, fun time, exotic and erotic ports and places you are willing to sacrifice just to spend working extra Overtime.

It could be as little as $2K or as high as $5K per pay period. Been there…Done that. But had been lucky with some of my assignments. I mean really lucky.

But again too many variables. You are not really making much until you hit AB and get paid a tremendous amount more for the same work.

An average OT working OS on an oiler, last pay period grossed ~$2400. Can’t say what the after tax amount was. That depends on their personal deductions. Two pay periods per month.