How much does an OS in the Sailors Union of the Pacific make?

Title says it all. I’m thinking of joining but I can find much info online. I was also wondering how much time is usually spent at sea, what are the main ports and how much time off would I get between ship. Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer.

When I worked for Patriot the SUP guys were saying there was no requirement to get off the ship when your hitch was up. Some guys stayed out there beyond 6 months, with one OS telling me he made $75,000 that year.

Granted — he was stuck on Diego Garcia and soaked up all the OT he could, but that was his claim.

(This was 2015)


I’m MFOW, full book, but that sounds about right, keeping in mind unless you’re pretty unmotivated, you should be sailing AB in about 4 years

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Do SUP ships only man MSC ships? To my knowledge I wouldn’t think a commercial sailor would be at the place mentioned.

Just out of curiosity:

Did he make closer to 180 days, or closer to 365 days? A lot of windage there.

SUP has only a few companies under contract. Matson, APL and Patriot are the most notable. If it is a government contract ship, it’s a good bet Patriot is the operating company.

I heard of Matson, I’m hoping to get on with them hopefullly.