Pay expectation as an OS?

Im just starting in the offshore industry. I have my TWIC and MMC. I have 10 years experience as a mechanic both small and large machines. I’m looking to be hired as an OS or Roustbout bc I have no offshore exp. I have some buddies who work in different companies who have helped me get this far. I’m ready to commit to any rotation really, I wont be picky. I have no idea what to ask for as a starting salary. I’m in New England. Any companies you can suggest would be a great start for me. Thanks

This industry isnt like that. You take a job at the wage they offer. Usually is a pay range, depending upon your rank (in your case OS) some add on more training or experience. But most just have a simple pay by grade system. Entry level pay (of course it depends on where you are hired) for someone like you could range from 25K to 50K. The number would also depend upon work schedule, and exactly what part of the industry you join. Where are you thinking about looking?

Also, seriously peruse the “Employment” section and read ,read, read. ther’e are many posts there about just such topics. How to do it, where, when, season. etc etc etc.

seacor just hired afew guys last week,never been on a boat,as OS i believe they said they were offered 180 a day.28 on travel paid,but good benefits.seacor is still hiring big up on knocking on doors in louisiana…good luck… lots of work here,but you need to be here in person.

No Basic Safety Training? In that case I say 200 a day would be a miracle.

There are pages of information for guys just coming out here, the search function works great. Living in the Northeast your options are pretty limited, even for OS deckhand jobs right now, getting the basic STCW classes and CPR-First aid may get you towards the front of the line. Try Bouchard, they are always looking for fresh new soul’s to employ. Ha.

Bouchard doesnt hire OS’s on deck.

Oops. Theres been a few hired here, but they are all guys with a big license and paperwork. Maybe kirby or Mac is looking for entry level guys? Dann ocean?

DANN Ocean hires OS with STCW at. $120 a day transportation + 1 checked bag included. You have to interview in Tampa, FL. The work is in NY Harbor mainly (6-7 boats), one boat in GOM, one boat in Mexico, one in Honduras.

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