Dutch winter fun

Ice skating in front of my house.


Will the 11 cities ice skating race be arranged this year??:

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The Elfstedentocht of almost 200 km of ice skating is cancelled because of the poor ice condition in many places along the route. In general the ice is too thin, dangerous and in many places with what we call snow ice, in short unsafe, The load, wear and tear on the ice of the about 16.000 participants is also considerable and requires very good ice conditions.

A summer picture of the house from across the pond. Click on the picture to enlarge.

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No hockey sticks/pucks?

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They’re Dutch not Canadian…

Hockey is here a very popular sport, ice hockey not. No idea why not.

How is it hockey if not played on ice?

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In North America hockey is played on ice. The sport played on grass is called field hockey.

I see, thank you. Here it is just hockey and ice hockey.

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“Field” Hockey has been an Olympic sports since 1908:

US has both Men and Women Hockey teams participation in the Olympics:

Today the date is a palindrome and ambigram. You can read the date from left to right and from right to left. You can also read it upside down.



The US may participate in olympic field hockey but it is nowhere near as popular as ice hockey. It is played mostly at the high school and collegiate level by females.

And what’s with those ridiculously short sticks they use in FIELD hockey?

There is also a similar game called Bandy.
Popular in Scandinavia, but also played internationally:

Used to be played on natural ice on lakes and ponds, or on football pitches that has been sprayed with water and allowed to freeze.
Some formal games are now played indoors

Ice skater falling through the ice.

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Fat guy falling through the ice.


why does that make me laugh so much?

Off road driving…

The guy ashore is yelling at the driver: Hey you dickhead! Have you gone crazy?