Swedish inventions

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Swedish Fathometer:

Swedish Meat Balls for Vegans:

Swedish grass cutter:

Swedish Mop:

Now that’s funny Bug!

But Ombugge the mop doesn’t have an “Anchor”.

Don’t mess with the bug Steveisme. That guy has a lot of scars. And knows his shit.

This is the last we saw of the Norwegian Olympic ice hockey team going to the Tokyo summer Olympics

Not you again. Good grief. You have made some good points over the years much to others dismay.

Well, when young I played games on ice, and we were told to stop during the spring when ice melted. Play football or go swimming was recommended.

Very scenic. Where in Norway is that??

They would probably win.

It is the ice hockey rink of the Norwegian Olympic team before spring arrived. Today the sailing and swimming teams train there.

OK found it: No wonder you didn’t know the location:

No wonder the Norwegian swimming team is so fast if they train in a cold lake like that. They have to to keep from going into hypothermia.

PS> The geography knowledge leave something to be desired. (Norwegian nature in the north of Iceland. Sognefjord in the north of Norway. etc.)

The Norwegian Olympic ice hockey team simply drowned when the rink sank into the sea this spring 2021. Swimming was not part of the training and no life wests were provided. Nor life boats!

Should be a hoot. Norwegians and Swedes trying to outdo each other with jokes.