Drug question on MMC application

On the MMC application they ask “have you ever been a user of, or been addicted to any dangerous drug, including marijuana”

well, sure, i got high, but the last time i did was 29 years ago. haven’t had anything stronger than ibuprofen since then, and i don’t drink. but the question doesn’t ask how long it’s been, it says “ever”

so if i say yes, does that block me from a successful application? if i say no, it’s not exactly true. it does say “attach statement”. so if i attache a statement saying i’ve been clean for 29 years will that work?

it’s still grating that i have to legally answer the question, which they will put down in my “permanent records” which could haunt me in the future.

The answer to that would be NO. If you knowingly get into an industry that you accept and acknowledge has random drug and alcohol testing and have this problem then woe unto you.

Let past bygones be just that. Gone.

Certainly nothing legal. Just MHO.

After thinking about this there is a caveat. If you were a heavy user, dealt and had lots of connections that have a link that can be traced back to you then… Thus may be an issue. But, it all depends on what you did during your formative years.

Repeat after me … “I have never used any drugs before in my life” you may have had a fantasy about smoking a joint 29 years ago but it was all just a dream

What he said :slight_smile:

Over the last 29 years have you never answered this question before? Whatever story you tell on this subject remember to always stick to the same story.
“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Take it from Mr. Honest here.

I answered yes on a question concerning Alcohol that happened 15 years ago in the Navy. After holding my App up for 2 months and me having to go to a Substance Abuse Professional and spending an extra $250 I was told I didn’t have a problem and could continue on with my App.

I will not say yes lie, but take what happened to me into your consideration on answering the question.

was it once or regularly? Once or a few times doesn’t make one a “user of”. As it was always told to me during security clearance interviews. A few times is experimentation and we don’t care about that.

I’d ask myself " am I a user now? " and answer accordingly. They certainly don’t have a means to check your lifestyle some 29 years ago. So unless there was an arrest I’d just say no to drugs. If you were arrested then you better come clean.