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Hello, im new here and truly terrified. I have a long past that is somewhat recent. I have substance abuse problems in my past but have been sober for going on two years. Ive completed a treatment program and can get references and have also been at the same company for the whole time participating in random drug screens. But with all this being said, i was on a medication for a big majority of that time that coast guard frowns upon. (Subutex)…since then i have quit the medication and am going on a month and a half since my last prescription. Should i wait to file? or will i be told to wait some crazy time like years? My employer is on my butt to get this done and i had no idea the uscg was this in depth. My criminal history is fine, it is just the substance abuse, with that medication being in the last 90 days im worried about. Like what if i dont mention substance abuse at all? Idk im here for information because i obviously dont know. Thank you

I don;'t see a need to wait to apply.

On the substance abuse, include documentation of your treatment, references, etc. per 46 CFR 10.211(l):
(1) Proof of completion of an accredited alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation program;
(2) Active membership in a rehabilitation or counseling group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous;
(3) Character references from persons who can attest to the applicant’s sobriety, reliability, and suitability for employment in the merchant marine including parole or probation officers;
(4) Steady employment; and
(5) Successful completion of all conditions of parole or probation (if applicable).

On the medication issue, be ready to provide documentation from your doctor that you are no no longer using the medication.

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Thank you for your reply. Ive read that same thing about 30 times and have been doing some digging. I just wasnt sure if anyone on here has been through the same thing. Would you have any words of advice on blood born pathogens such as hepatitis? Is that outright denial?