Am i able to get a MMC with past issuses as a minor

When i was 16 years old I went through a rough time and had to seek treatment for depresion and suicidal ideation. I no longer have these issues and am not on any medication. am I able to get a MMC?

Probably, you may need documentation from your treating physician

My opinion may go against the general consensus. Are we talking 6 months in a padded room or just a fucked up teenager ? If your still having these “issues” a maritime job may not be for you. Honestly, if it was something minor, shut the fuck up and roll with it. I’m working with guys who have been busted using drugs on the boat, seen absolutely lost souls with a z card, convicted felons. I would talk to a lawyer if your really sweating it but anything basically before 18 doesnt count as long as it’s not a criminal conviction, again this is your judgement call, this isnt the occupation for someone with ongoing mental health issues.


I would discuss that with the physician (ideally, the doctor with whom you were previously treated) when you get a physical. You would be assessed that way - medically & psychologically. Yes, you can get an MMC. The is no criminal record or anything prohibiting you. Even so, less than a felony is sealed in most cases involving a minor.


“this isnt the occupation for someone with ongoing mental health issues.” Are you sure we are in the same industry? Because ummm…


Really? For medical? Got an authority to cite that supports that?

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No. But there isnt enough there in his original post to question ? Hey is this just a fucked up teenager having a bad week or someone going off the deep end, why my reply was geared the way it was. Not saying that falsely covering up a medical condition is right but I think sometimes maybe things get blown out of proportion. Again I’m working with guys who are seriously fucked up, I’ve seen 3 diff cases of heroin use on the boats with 1 ending in a fatality, uscg doesnt put an end to that shit ? Someone can not qualify for having a minor mental health issues yrs ago but your a junkie ? Fuck it cool here’s your AB have at it buddy. :+1:

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There is enough information. No need to put the poster in any bucket; he/she just asked a question. There are processes and legal requirements, as an MMC applicant, he/she must go through, just like all of us. Past treatment and history play a part in medical assessments, but there is no disqualifier just for having a medical past (although there are certain criteria you must meet). You can guess, and the poster can lie, but neither anwers a question.
In 27+ years of sailing, I have never witnessed what you described as far as drug abuse on a vessel. At least, as far as it not being managed in a certain way. It’s not the late 80’s or early 90’s anymore. I’ve had personnel arrive onboard that were not sober before. We took that person aside for reasonable suspicion and perform a drug and alcohol test. Failing rapid tests will get you removed immediately; failing the DOT test, which takes days to get a result, will also be reported to the USCG. Then, no more MMC.
What company depends on the USCG to crew any vessel or get rid of a personnel problem? That’s not their function. If I knew that there was a problem on board as far as drugs or egregious situations that could cause harm, the employer should supply the resources as noted above. It’s not that expensive for test kits and DISA training. At the very least, the employer is required to have some sort of complaint process. If the employer refuses to address drug abuse on a vessel or initiate their process, then the USCG would happily oblige.

Having “seriously fucked up guys”…there is a process for that too.

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