Stcw and rehab?

So just out of curiosity, when theyaskon your stcw/ mmc if you’ve ever been a user of drugs? (not that i am at all) will itshowup if you’ve been to a rehab or detox facility. And would that affect you getting those certifications?

Never lie on the application.

If you’ve completed a rehab or detox program, tell them the facts.

They do a pretty extensive background check.

That’s what I hear but I am worried that it will keep me from getting in

i know a guy in NYC. works at a desk now for a shipping company. maritime grad. smoked weed a lot. busted. rehab. then lied about it when renewing. lost his license: bye bye “say hello to my little office cubicle for US$25,000 year.”

I know of a convicted child molester that did his time and now sails as a captain.

What you did in the past is past.
Filling out the application with lies makes you a liar today.
As long as you don’t have anything hanging over your head it won’t be a problem.
It would be important that you completed a program, not quit a program before completion.

Once you get caught in a lie it’s all over. No second chances.

Seadog, thank you that is actually very encouraging