Interlake Steamship Question

Hello, I am trying to get in with interlake and have since heard that they will not hire you if you have a dui on your record, I really hope this is not the case because I had extremely high hopes of getting the opportunity to work for them

DUI is worse than poison in this this industry now, and has been since OPA 90 or so… Perhaps if you have shown a rehab program, you may get on somewhere. Gonna be tough though. Many ahead of you without problems on their applications. Or so they claim.


everyone does a thorough background check before you get on a boat. but, the master on an OSV i was on is a registered sex offender so maybe you can get through.

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Just as bad if not worse.

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what do you mean as in rehab? I had done a couple classes after as part of the plea

Yes, the classes and perhaps more than a couple.

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And thank you guys for the replies , I’m just heart broken after a friend of mine told me this :tired_face:

I have worked on ships before and I actually work for one of the supply companies that services the Great Lakes

You still have MMC documents after renewal?

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I worked off shore on a mobile drilling vessel and I just needed a twic and some other certificates ( not mm doc )
But I know a place here to close to me ( Sault Ste. Marie mi ) I can get my mm but trying to even see if I have a chance at all . But had filled out my application and wrote In i “will obtain “

Make an attempt to get the MMC doc, the quality employers will require it, as you will be already vetted by the authorities involved. It will take a while to process, especially in this environment we are all affected by. Easier on human resources to give you a look with those documents… It’s not that much $$ to at least apply. USCG will tell you what you need, or whether it’s a lost cause. Wish I could answer your question, but I can’t.

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The problem is probably with Canada. They won’t allow you in with a DUI on your record. I was flown out to the PNW 2 times to relieve engineers with DUIs for loads into Vancouver.


SeaEagle - thank you that is good info and I feel a little better and I will do like you said and at least get it and keep trying

Good luck sir, I wish you the best. Be honest on your application, they can find out shit you wouldn’t believe it was you. Again, good luck!

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See 46 CFR 10.211(f) and (l).

46 CFR 10.211(f):
…No person who has ever been convicted of an offense described in section 205 of the National Driver Register Act of 1982, as amended (49 U.S.C. 30304) because of addiction to or abuse of alcohol is eligible for an MMC, unless he or she furnishes satisfactory evidence of suitability for service in the merchant marine as provided in paragraph (l) of this section.

46 CFR 10.211(l):
If an applicant has one or more alcohol or dangerous drug related criminal or NDR-listed convictions, if the applicant has ever been the user of, or addicted to the use of, a dangerous drug, or if the applicant applies before the minimum assessment period has elapsed for his or her conviction, the Coast Guard may consider the following factors, as applicable, in assessing the applicant’s suitability to hold an MMC. This list is intended as a guide for the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard may consider other factors appropriate to a particular applicant, such as:
(1) Proof of completion of an accredited alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation program;
(2) Active membership in a rehabilitation or counseling group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous;
(3) Character references from persons who can attest to the applicant’s sobriety, reliability, and suitability for employment in the merchant marine including parole or probation officers;
(4) Steady employment; and
(5) Successful completion of all conditions of parole or probation.

Also, as already noted, you will still have a problem in Canada, so a company that goes to Canada may be reluctant to hire you.

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It makes sense that the Canadian immigration officers would have access to the NCIC. A Google search reveals that a DUI conviction in Canada is an ‘indictable’ offense. the equivalent of a felony in the US. Generally speaking, a US citizen with a DUI is allowed entry after 5 years. There may be different rules for seafarers on duty. I would consult with a Canadian Immigration law firm before making career decisions. Not recommending this one in particular but using it as an example of what you may be facing.

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Just a heads up I am soooo happy for all this info jdcavo , lee shore

I feel sooo much better about my situation knowing all this , there’s still hope

So I did complete impact panels and served all my probation with no trouble in between as all this did happen over 5 years ago ( so I can file the paperwork to be criminally rehabilitated in Canada) so I have started looking forward to filling all this out

As well as the character witness am steady employment etc I feel like it is going to be tons of paperwork but I THINK I CAN STILL GET INTO CANADA!

The rehabilitation process is long and tedious, particularly so with crossborder travel at a limited scale. Also, things are VERY tight on the Lakes now, job wise.