Drilling Job

A friend seeks a drilling job. He needs an even time job, probably a 14/14 schedule, for family reasons.

25 years ago he worked for three years offshore in California as a roughneck. Since that time he has been in banking, mutual fund management, and land development. He is also a heavy equipment operator with a CDL. He has a current RigPass w/ SafeLand, SafeGulf, OSHA, etc. No MMD, but he has applied for a TWIC and a passport. This is a very smart guy with a good college education. He’s very good with math and computers. He is age 55 and in good shape. He held his last job at Bank of America for 12 years.

He has been able to find good entry level jobs that promise accelerated training and fast track advancement with big international oil field service companies (Halliburton and Weatherford) in North Dakota, but they are either 21/7, or 5/2. His wife won’t let him do 21/7, and North Dakota is too far from home for 5/2.

Did I mention that he is a very smart guy.

Thank you for the helpful PMs on this.

Yes, he is looking for jobs on Rigzone.com and sending out resumes to drilling contractors. Unfortunately, he has the resume mindset of someone who has been working in an office job at a big company; he has trouble believing that he should just go knock on doors in the Gulf.

Also, he is afraid that no one will take him seriously for a position on a drill rig because its been so long since he worked offshore, and he is now 55.

If your friend believes the glass is 1/2 filled, then it is. I would suggest he take a drive to Houston and New Orleans ASAP with resume and bags packed