Looking for a job

im a 1600ton mate (near costal) with a PIC and TOAR. im currently working as a chief mate but were shut down for a good 6 months. im looking for a new spot somewhere, any ideas on who’s hiring???

Lee…that was a cynical low blow and this coming from a champion cynic.

I myself say that he should complain to the USCG for them waiving away jobs to foreign mariners when they should be filled with Americans like himself. I’ve posted the address to the office at the USCG that you need to contact previously but will gladly give it to you directly issac if you PM me. I’ll even tell you exactly what you need to say in your letter.

Any that goes for all the rest of you dispossessed US mariners wanting to work at the level that you are qualified to but are not finding opportunities. Together, we can make the opportunities if we demand the waiver program be ended now!


Also noticed that for the first time in two years Chouest is advertising that they are accepting applications for all positions.