[B]Anyone know of any company looking for an expierenced (6 1/2 yrs) sea going cook, please let me know. Thanks[/B]

Check Rigzone Jobs. I believe they had a recent listing for cooks.

Rigzone did have a recent listing for cook found HERE, offered by a company called Helix which has been under fire here on the forum as to whether they are actually hiring or not.

If you get through to them tell them, tell them they have some calls to return.

Oh yea, the listings for cook that have come through gCaptain’s Job Board can be found HERE

contact Chouest, they are looking:)

try the following link:
I have had good luck with hopefully you do too

Please tell me about your experience, and send me your resume if you want.If you are available in March i will contact you about a possible tug delievery that i may have, about a six week job.

Capt. Jim Fish

[B]Thanks all, I am registered and looking daily at and I did work for HELIX, did not like it there. :)[/B]

[B]Thanks Jim, Resume is on the way![/B]