Career change from marine tourism to a real job

Hello to all here on this site. This is my very first post of any sort on the internet. I have been sailing the world slowly with wife and kid, taking on tourist related skipper jobs, but the boat is sold and I am choking on the anchor while living in a house now. No picket fence or dog yet. Anyway I am looking for a career in marine transportation and it looks like the oil fields would be my best bet. I hold a 3rd mate unlimited and a 500 Ocean, STCW, ARPA and the two useless security cards MMD and TWIC. My question is there a need for a hard worker with these type of credentials. I have no OSV or DP experience. I have been sending resumes for the past month and HOS is the only one to respond. Still waiting to hear from anyone else. Please let me know my best path to get on the water near the wheelhouse. What will be required to get onboard a boat to show a company that I will be a worthy addition to a crew.
Thanks all in advance for any type of foresight.

Take the job with HOS.
It’s easier to find a job when you have a job and it’ll be good experience.

Take whatever you can get, I agree with seadog!.
I wouldn’t call my MMD useless… I’ve found it to be more marketable than my license from time to time, as you may find yourself. If it says “AB” on there that just might be your entree into the commercial world. Good luck to you!

HOS is the one company I have never heard anything bad about. Its almost creppy, make me wonder if they just make you disappear instaed of fire you.

What you could do is get with a company willing to get you the training required to obtain your Dp Operator’s Certificate. If you like the OSV’s then stick around. If not, then try to get on with one of the drilling companies, like Ensco, Transocean, Noble, Etc as a DPO. Most drilling companies offer full travel benefits for DPO’s and the schedules are normally 21-21 or 28-28. Most OSV operators offer a travel allowance, but it may not cover all expenses. The training available at a “<strong>DRILLING COMPANY</strong>” is pretty good also. Most “<strong>DRILLING COMPANIES</strong>” pay for upgrade courses if you are interested in getting your chief mate/Master.
Or you can try to get on with a drilling company to start and see if any of them are will to give you a chance as a DPO trainee. I am not sure what the chances of success are going that route, but I think it may be worth considering actualling using your Mate’s License. With one 28 day hitch under the direct supervision of a licensed Ballast Control Operator, you can go to school for MODU Stability (1 Week-Martin International), BCO Class (1 week and test at the school-Martin International, LAplace, LA), and the 2 day Water survival suit training (Marine Survival Training Center, Lafayette, LA) and now you are a Ballast Control Operator. It would be an endorsement to your 3rd’s. The company would pay for the school and travel. I have been working with MMA graduates (mostly engineers) and they are overall a great bunch of guys. I sure wish I had my ducks in a row like these guys do at 22 and 23 years of age. Best of luck, Lee

Capt. Lee,
Nephew of mine is interested in the same thing as Mr. Hubbard but can’t seem to find OSV companies as you describe concerning paid upgrade courses.
" Most pay for upgrade courses if you are interested in getting your chief mate/Master."
Which companies would you suggest?

tengineer- It seems I did not properly word my sentence and I will make the edit above. Most drilling companies. Sorry about that.

Capt. Lee your lack of english liturature is clearly going to result in more accidents in the OSV industry…something like that. It was so stupid I forgot how it went.

Before you quote english “literature” you may want to learn how to spell it first!!

That was kinda the point…" I did not properly word my sentence"

You guys are funny towards each other.
Capt. Lee, you have brought up another possible job which I could be qualified to perform as a Ballast Control Operator. I will look up the companies you suggest and see what happens. I think that you are right that I should try to use my 3rd Mate’s. I know that there are many good seamen out there in the fields who have been there working up towards the bridge, but there are not as many 3rd Mates. I was hoping that a company would hire me on as an apprentice mate on a OSV but I fear that I will have to enter as a AB and then get stuck in the hawsepipe with everyone else. I still am ignorant about the industry in the Gulf and have a lot to learn, but I am very excited to be in a challenging position. I am so excited to get to work that It is a bit depressing that the companies I have applied to have not even responded to me to let me know that the application has been reviewed.
You professionals here on this site have given me great insight into the industry, thank you.

Chris - Diamond Offshore, Noble Drilling, Transocean, amongst others are all looking for 3rds that want to ascend to DPO. If you’re interested, take a look at their websites, and then hit the guys here up for contact info as most “HR” types don’t like answering their phones unless they want to.
If you’re still truly interested in OSV’s, then HOS is certainly worth a shot - talk with Joey Marshall there, or call Edison Chouest and speak with Nicky Collins at 985-601-4285.
Another idea for all of you to consider - Does anyone have experience operating unmanned submersibles? Worked as an ET in the Navy in support of one? Worked for WHOI or Scripps aboard one of the UNOLS boats maintaining one? Time to get with the program with the latest career path that is shy on manpower, but have your CV and your qualifications ready…
<strong>Remotely Operated Vehicles</strong>
Oceaneering International, and C-Innovations (a Chouest company) are both looking for good, experienced, and qualified people. If you don’t have any experience, but want to start out on the ground floor, now would be a good time to make the approach to these companies.

Just a few more morsels to chew on this morning…




C. Hubbard,
Take a look at this, really good site.

Good luck.

Yep, I see that Seadog. Now I just need to get on a boat.