DPO training seatime

I am currently in DPO training phase B. We have 3 DPOs onboard. Only one is registered with the NI. He is currently home on his two weeks off. Will my DP seatime count while he’s not onboard? Can he sign me off on the days when he was not here? Thanks in advance.

They’ll count but no, he can’t sign for it if he’s not there. The vessel master should be able to sign off for any days though.

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The vessel Master is not registered with the NI. He’s only registered with the OSVDPA. Which the NI does not recognize.

The Master doesn’t even have to be a DPO to sign off days in your logbook. Only Phase E requires a certificated DPO to sign off if the Master isn’t a DPO.

Assuming you’re under the new scheme…

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it!