Cross over from OSVDPA to NI

Anyone know if NI has a crossover route to unlimited DPO if I already have my unlimited DPO through OSVDPA?

I know you can cross over from the NI scheme to OSVDPA. All I’ve found is that supposedly you can use an OSVDPA logbook to revalidate your NI DP certificate. You search for OSVDPA on the Alexis site and get 0 hits. You email

Yes sir, waiting on a response. I emailed them around noon today so hopefully I hear something early tomorrow morning.

if your seatime is on an unclassed vessel (which is why the OSVDPA was invented) then I suspect you can forget it

No, all my time is on a DP2 vessel.

F’ing pay for the D.P. basic course at M.P.T. Get the book. Fill it out.

Use the same days.

make sure the vessel was in DP2 class for the time you present as they will check that.
Heard lots of sad tales of guys doing time on vessels only to find out the owner to let them drop from dp2 to 1 or nothing yet still working on dp2 contracts