DP Induction course and DP days expired

So I took the DP induction course and completed my logbook familiarisation tasks and accumulated 50 DP days back in 2013 as a cadet. Then everything changed and I needed an OICNW endorsement to take the simulator course. Needless to say, my 5 year timeline has elapsed and I have not received my DPO cert nor taken the advanced simulator course. Am I correct with the new scheme that I need to retake the induction course, get 60 DP days, take the advanced simulator course, get 60 More DP days and complete an entire new logbook? Essentially completely start over right? None of that is transferable correct?

Also, is there any downside to going to OSVDPA route as opposes to the NI?

Sounds right.

Correct. Even under the old scheme the courses weren’t good beyond 5 years.

I’m not sure. I have a feeling that the NI certificate has wider acceptance worldwide but if you’re on supply boats with a limited license that won’t ever matter.


OSVDPA was designed to get a certificate on non classed boats hence that time wont count for a NI certificate time if you are on non classed vessels.

Thanks. The OSVDPA folks told me they could perhaps count some of my DP time even though my 5 years has elapsed which I found a little odd…I had about 55 days after taking the induction course. Seems strange that would be allowed to count.

Do not go the OSVDPA route. Trust me, I went that route and have regretted it since. I got hired on by a OSV company that works with BP, Chevron, and Shells. But since I have OSVDPA I can only be a DPO on there boat that works for shell because shell is the only company that recognizes OSVDPA. I’ve been told this by many people since I got my DP cert. and it’s made me very angry, the lady that runs the OSDVPA JoAnne Lewis is a very nice lady but there is little she can do when these big oil company’s will only allow mates or captains with NI. Trust me save yourself the headache and just get the NI cert.

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Thanks. I ended up taking a dual course where I got books and certs for both NI and OSVDPA. Pretty cool! Tidewater Marine is doing the classes in Amelia.

I’ve worked for Shell, BP, Subsea 7, And others with my OSVDPA cert. Not ever an issue