DP time before Advanced class

I have a shipmate who was just denied a Naut Inst certificate because he only had 12 days of sea time after the simulator class, even though he had hundreds of days between basic and advanced classes. I know of others who were given credit for those days, as sometimes it’s hard to get into a class. Has anyone lese had this issue?

don’t the rules say you need a minimum of 30 days AFTER the advanced DP class? I have never heard of anyone applying without those 30 days at least, regardless of how much time they had previously. doesn’t surprise me they turned him down. sorry if I sound like a hard callous jerk.

Marcel - According to The Nautical Institute log book that I have, it states under The Programme section:

a) Attend four day induction course
b) Undergone DP Familiarisation - 30 days.
c) Attended and satisfactorily completed the DP Simulator course.
d) Satisfactorily completed six months supervised DP Operations.

I know me personally, the Master I was working under would not sign off ANYTHING else until I had 30 days under the DP Familiarisation section. Which actually ended up being 56 days (working a 28/14 schedule). My only question is, were the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed when filling the book out? We did have a 3rd Captain onboard submitt his and it was “kicked” back because he did not have enough “DP sea time”. Although he did actually acquire another 28+ days since submitting his book and they told him they would accept a signed copy of the page out of the book. We made a copy filled it out on board, the Master signed it with a note attesting to the authenticity of it and we emailed it back to the 3rd Captain to submit to The N.I. This may worth looking into if the guy has acquired more time since mailing his book off.


If the “Simulator Course” you are referring to is the Advanced DP course; you must have a minimum of 180 days after completing the course.

This is not the case per this document (page 3) from The Nautical Institute:

"Ideally they should be undertaken as set out in the scheme, that is the Induction/Basic immediately prior to joining the first DP vessel and the Simulator/Advanced course after the completion of 30 days seagoing DP familiarisation and the associated tasks. However, time recorded before the Induction/Basic or time in excess of the 30 days between the Induction/Basic and the Simulator/Advanced would normally be counted towards the required 6 months supervised DP watchkeeping experience. During the Induction/Basic course the prospective Dynamic Positioning Operator will be issued with a Nautical Institute’s Dynamic Positioning Operator’s logbook in which the courses, seatime and suitability as a DPO are recorded. These courses may not be taken in consecutive weeks (back to back). This is because the seagoing familiarisation gives the prospective DPO the opportunity to reinforce, consolidate and put into practice that which has been learnt during the Induction/Basic course.

Also there should also be at least 30 days DP watchkeeping after the completion of the Advanced/Simulator course and the application for the certificate. Again this is to reinforce, consolidate and put into practice that which has been learnt during the Advanced/Simulator course. This is also the DP time during which the statement of suitability should ideally be completed, that is once the DPO trainee has completed the courses and the majority of the required DP time. "

Also, you can check out a sample DP log book from The Nautical Institute.

Your shipmate had 12 days after the second course, the written guidance states 30 days after each class and the 180 pretty much anytime, even before the basic class. Based on what is written he needs 18 more days.
(The Matrix shows their desired scenario of: basic clsss-30 days-advanced class-180 days scheme)
Very interesting.:smiley:

The extra time completed before doing the simulator can count towards the 6 months, but you need a solid 30 days of experience after completing the simulator

[quote=Sharp21;22607]The extra time completed before doing the simulator can count towards the 6 months, but you need a solid 30 days of experience after completing the simulator

Unless something has changed in the last 3-4 months I don’t think this is the case. I am aware of 8 individuals that were denied their certification earlier this year for this very reason. The Nautical Institute denied their certs because they did not have the required 180 days post Advanced DP class, even though they all had more than 360 days total documented DP time and 200 days post DP Basic.

I am at Kongsberg in Houston rite now, the instructor here said 30 days for Basic and 180 for advanced with 60 of the 180 after the Advanced sim. class, before you can turn your book into the N.I.

So NI doesn’t follow their own written guidance, that’s just great…more BS from sandcrab regulatory weenies being fed to the working mariner. :mad:

You would think the folks at Kongsberg have it correct. I hope so for your sake. Good luck.

all requirements are clearly written in your DP logbook. follow them and you’ll be gold.