DP basic

I have searched and searched, but I can’t find an answer to a specific question: If i took a DP basic/induction course, does the clock start ticking as to how long I have to get a job and start getting the 30 days before moving on to advanced? In this business I can’t imagine it being good indefinitely, but who knows. Rather than dig through NI literature that doesn’t seem to address that specific question, I’m seeing if anyone knows first hand. Getting fed up with a few little things here and there, who knows maybe it will be time to make a move next spring.

It was 5 years to complete the entire cycle of basic, 30 days, advanced, then 180 days. There are rumors of change though.

Houston Kongsberg instructor told me last month that the NI is seriously considering shortening the total time needed, but nothing is really going to change as far as classes go and the cycles of 30 days.

30 days of time after basic needed for taking advanced/simulator class and then an additional 180 days, but you need 30 days of “recency” for submitting your application. As in you can’t take your 2nd class at the end and then go do a 14 day hitch (to complete your total 210) and mail in your stuff. the NI is very likely to send it back saying no bueno.

same thing goes for sea time reduction class (not available in USA). you have to have 30 days after advanced class before being able to take STR class, and then you must have at least 30 days recency after STR class before submitting. STR is good for 6 weeks DP time.

5 yrs is all you get to finish the whole thing, and there will be recency requirements down the road, if not already in effect. All new DP certs (starting from sometime in late 2012 or early this year) have 5yr expiration dates. if you get enough Dp time you just renew; if not you have to take classes, etc. to be able to renew.

emailing NI is actually quite easy and they will get back to you within 3-5 business days. they’ve been very helpful for me.

Also you can call the dp department on Tuesday or Thursday easy to use Skype