DP initial validation issue

Hi all,

I completed my DP induction and DP simulator back in 2014 and got all the time in that I needed. When I went to complete my initial validation they found that a date did not match and therefore rejected my application. At the time as many know the offshore industry wasn’t the most secure for jobs. I left to go back to university thinking I was going to lose my job anyway, this was fully assuming that I would have had no issue with my initial validation and could get a job again when completed university.

Now that my Induction and Simulator courses are past the 5 years old point can I go back and complete the induction then immediately complete the Simulator course or would I have to complete the familiarity time after the induction again?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

send a letter to the NI explaining the initial issue and see what they might do for you