Alexis Platform "Not Eligible"

So, after spending many hours entering all of my details, the watchkeeping days and dates, uploading everything onto their website and I am ready to submit my application to them and click Submit… A pop up appears to tell me that I am not eligible.

The box says “All DPW Seatime after induction: Not Successful.”

I go back through all of the dates to ensure that they are there. I have 203 days in the watch keeping section and over 30 on the induction so I have enough days.

I sent the NI an email but from what I have been reading, I basically wasted that time since it takes forever to get a reply from them.

If anyone has any ideas, please share. I would like to rectify this issue. I looked in the troubleshooting paper that they released for the old scheme and the error message that I got is not on there, naturally…

You have the dates entered backwards (European system), right?

Yeah, I checked that as well. All seemed good. When entering dates, I just selected the one on the calendar instead of entering manually.

You used the IMO numbers for the vessels not the official numbers?

That is correct, I used the IMO numbers. I input all of the Sr. DPO and Master’s CoC number as well as the DP cert number.

This is the Screen that I am getting when I click submit application.

Do you have sea time that dates before this “new system”? If so, email the NI and let them know, they have to override it but you’ll be ok. Going to take a week or so, but they’ll fix it. Happened to me.

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That is actually really close to what my problem is I believe. So, I was counting my 30 days prior to my induction course but the Alexis platform doesn’t accept it.

I called them and they told me to email them lol