Problem With Nautical Alexis

Hello all,

Even though I have a pretty good idea of the trouble I am encountering with Nautical Institute’s Alexis Platform I wanted to reach out to see if any other’s have had this same issue. I am on the New Scheme, and when attempting to submit my application was given the following error message.

“Active and Passive modes do not match with phase B entries. Task section must be completed within phase B and according to the active and passive DP seatime claimed in that phase.”

I do not understand the first sentence, because Phase B seatime is where you indicate whether your DP day was active or passive. I had no passive days because the company we are contracted with would not allow simulator mode to be on.

However, the second part, there are 4 entries I completed in Phase D seatime after taking the simulator course. I had one of the logbook’s with missing pages, and on nautical institues site and a memo that was sent states the particular tasks can be completed in phases B or D but before suitability sign off. So my best guess is that they did not update their system for my particular logbook. Just curious if anyone else has gotten this particular message. I plan to call NI DP department Monday morning, but my past experiences have not gone well.

Don’t enter more DP time than required because it screws the whole system up.

I have many entries that are an hour or two over the required DP Day of 2 hours. :neutral_face: I wonder if putting 2 hours for every online entry and having those hours not match in my logbook will pose a problem… As long as I have the minimum of 2 I would not think it problematic.

I quickly assumed you meant hours on DP, you actually meant total days didn’t you. If so, I have 61 days in Phase B and 59 in Phase D, so that could be