I recently went to a basic dp class. Now I’m working on a dp vessel. But its not a classed dp vessel. Can i still get my time on it or am i wasting my time here?

Nope wasting your time. If the vessel is not classed by ABS and registered with the Nautical institute the time can not be used.

Thanks for da info. This sucks. Man . How can u tell if u on a classes vessel?

All true.

But as long as your paychecks do not bounce, and you are at least getting some experience on DP (even if not NL qualifying) then you are not wasting your time. This is just another stepping stone.

Ok thanks for da info

Wasting your time bud. Get off that boat and get on a classes one.

The way to tell is to go to the Nautical Institute and register. Then log into your account and try to add sea time to your account. You vessel should be listed… Of not try to find it with the IMO number. You may luck out! Good luck! And trust me, this is how to do it and it does work!

Does it have a COI? If so, what does the COI say?

The classification certificate posted on the bridge will say if the vessel is DP classed. If it is DP classed, and not in the NI database, you will need to scan the certificate and send to NI. They will add the vessel to their database as an eligible vessel.

Also be careful with a vessel where the owner has allowed it to go from DP2 to DP1, you wont get all your sea time for a unlimited ticket on that one ( 60 days on Dp2 required)