Upgrading to an Unlimited DPO

Getting ready to upgrade from a limited to an Unlimited DPO. Going to do it on line per the nautical institutes request. Has anyone had any problems with this process lately. I’ve talked to a couple people who have been waiting 6 months, and I was wondering if anyone knows what pitfalls to avoid with the application process.


Be sure that the DP2 vessel you are upgrading on is class certified as a DP2 vessel, or NI won’t accept it.

Check to see if the vessel is already listed in the NI vessel database.

I did it the same way, online, 2 day air mailed it over there, waited 2 weeks, received a email that it was approved, and never heard another word, I sent them a email about how long it takes after I was approved to receive it, the next day fed ex dropped it at my house, took about 3 weeks for me, not to bad being across the Atlantic

I heard someone say that scanning it and emailing it will be required here soon if not already. I don’t know because I’m not ready to send mine off, but if its true, it will save time and money

You still have to send your book in, dp time sea time letter, and a good idea to send in stcw documentation,
Would be nice to be able to scan, but they sign your book and put a sticker in it,

Oh OK. I just went online and read it for myself. I see what you’re saying.

Thanks for all the feedback. I’ll check out the site to make sure the vessel is classed properly. Do I have to document hours for this, or just days?

Get with your company and have them draft you a dp sea time letter, there is a example on NI web site, takes some looking, ECO has the dp sea time letter, mine said vessel info-days on vessel-days on dp in a format,
The NI says 1 hour on dp can be counted as a day, make sure you can prove that with dp logs if they audit your. Company for info on you
That NI web site is not easy to navigate-they have stuff all over the place,
I had No problems at all, just takes longer now that you have to have 180 days on DP(at least 1hr), but that is
Ok, that way the new DPO has a little more experience before being cut loose