DP task section

Question, working on B (getting days and tasks for DP simulator) and two paragraphs regarding the task section appear to have conflicting info.

Page 21, in the DP book (2023) In the section “Definitions for Offshore Scheme” under the subsection “Notes about the DP sea time definition”, sentence 7:

Que/ It is the duty of the senior DPO (NI-certified DPO on board) to verify and sign off DP tasks. \Unqte

Page 41, in the 2023 DP book, Task section, sentence 6:

Que/ If the Master is the certificated DPO on board, then this should be noted on page 72 of the logbook and the Master’s DP Certificate number must be provided for verification. The Master must sign off each task item individually in this case. \Unqte

I’ve had the Master sign off the task sections, but not the individual task item lines. These are signed by the Chief Mate who’s a Certified DPO, as the Master was preoccupied. When I asked them they said don’t worry about it, it’ll count. I expect to do all my DP time on the same boat/crew and same for suitability letter.

That being said I’m still worried a little that the NI will be sticklers and give me issues.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and had problems with NI?

I had my chief mate who had his full DPO sign a bunch of my assessments. No issue. This was a couple years back.

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Shouldn’t be an issue if you provide the CM’s DP cert number.

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