Dp companies for dp trainning

If I done the basic dp course, which dp companies are offer me the sea training?

Kill yourself

I am surprised this thread has not been seriously hijacked. Because this line if questioning will get you nowhere.

He needs the time so he can get on a drill ship! Probably some entitled academy kid…

Disclaimer: I went to an academy and can say that kind of shit.

I 100% believe the OP did go to an academy.

And here we go!!!

I predict OP is from south of I-10!

[QUOTE=Bayrunner;140870]I predict OP is from south of I-10![/QUOTE]

That doesn’t narrow it down much. It could include gene pools from areas as diverse as Sopchoppy, FL to Calexico, CA

Posts like this, honest to god make me mourn the death of the American public school system. The fact that we as a group are about to debate whether this guy has a high school diploma written in crayon or a college degree is sad.

Nah, you all know which section of I-10 I am talking about! That part between Mississippi and Texas!

Funny you talk about us folks that live below i10 but you come down here 8 months out the year to work.

drôle la façon dont vous parlez entre nous qui vivent en dessous de i-10. mais vous venez ici huit mois de l’année à travailler. mais la plupart d’entre nous parlent une langue seconde et ceux au nord de nous peut à peine parler anglais.

Not me! I cant step up and down on a box so I was not wanted.

And speak English! This is 'Mercia dag nab it!!

Six months out of the year, 8-9 months made me wish my toothbrush was chambered for 12 gauge.

Sometimes you go where the work is. It doesn’t mean you have to like the place.

True, but the blame does not land completely on school systems. Parenting plays a role in this as well.

Hey, this is the United States of America

Speak Spanish

You mean you don’t go to the gulf for the charming, well educated, ladies?


I could’ve went my whole life without knowing/seeing that! Now I can’t unsee it even if I gouge my eyes out!

bet that’s a pretty sweet trailer she parties in!