DP Cert

If I’m looking to go DP will getting basic help with get a job or should I let the company pay for it once I’m with them?

no information about your self? license you hold? skill you have already?

these guys are going to tell you to fuck off. but maybe you should any ways

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Deck Cadet still in school.

Fuck me dude ok fine I’ll take this one.

Go look for a job first then if you are having problems finding one then look at your bank account and ask your self can i swing the 2k class. In general yes the less people have to invest in you the better


He’s the one who wants more women on ships…

:man_facepalming: You’re sounding pretty damn entitled.

At least on the OSV/boat side, it’s not a guarantee a company will send you DP training on their own dime once/if you get hired on.

Oilfield is coming back, but it’s not there yet. You still gotta prove yourself before they start bankrolling your training beyond client mandated stuff.

You obviously haven’t had any time on a DP vessel. Expect to do some time on deck before going into the chair and being able to be Mr. Fancy DPO.

There’s a line of jr mates, particularly academy grads, that came in during the downturn and have been on deck patiently waiting. They’re the ones being promoted up and being sent to DP school right now.

Do a simple search of the forum. Read the posts of what the oilfeld industry is like. Read what it was like when it it crashed. It’s picking up at the moment. But it’s not if it will crash again, it’s when. TBD if these last couple years or so is just anomaly. The rug can get pulled at any moment.

Make sure you can handle that. Or that you can handle sailing at all.


Go get an AB job first, how bout that.

Not during these times. Companies are hurting for people… If you have a mates license, your sailing mate


What country will you be licensed by when you’re done? Where are you looking to work?

United Stated USCG MMC. Not sure where I wanna work yet

Try to graduate with Tankerman PIC and if possible a TOAR. If you end up going into the oilfield you want an exit strategy for the next downturn.


It will absolutely make you more marketable and you’ll start accruing DP time sooner.

A couple thousand in the grand scheme isn’t all that much, you’re wasting time by not having it and waiting around for someone else to foot the bill where if you had it you could start sailing as a junior DPO right away accruing valuable time in your book.

MPT’s DP course was wonderful, they use MT for their simulators and the weather is probably quite nice right now in Lauderdale.

Just take the class.


I promise you companies are not hurting for brand new 3M fresh out of school.

Got a pic cadet shipping. One thing holding me back from oil is when the downturn will be

I’ll give you real world advice after a decade out.

Just drink less keystone or nattys and invest in the education. It’s an extra piece of paper that helps you get a job over a group of peers! Yeah you bet your ass it will help. SEAMusg, SUNY guessing? Check out DP training solutions in NY out in Great neck.

Don’t worry about the entitled comments and such, even if you are! That’s another one you going to have to learn to master. Shit talking and choppin’ it up. My Red wings have more sea time than you and that’s ok. Everybody eats a little crow and gets dogged. We’ve all been the new guy once. Be humble and learn as much as you can. When you do make it out and get the first job give it a year before you fuckin’ drag up. Most people don’t stay one place forever. Play the cards you are dealt. If Mom and dad will help pay even better. Just don’t tell anyone they did if you take that route. Same with how well off you are or what car you drive, how you are wicked smart and graduated with no loans at the top of the class & shit, nothing! Dont tell anyone shit. Don’t brag! Be helpful. Everything is negotiable except for integrity. Your words all you have sometimes.

Also you got two ears and one mouth so listen twice as much as you talk. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and figure shit out. DP Weenies sit on their ass most of the day and make $120-150 ish on the rigs. At least they did until I recently drug up last year from a Major player. Poor job satisfaction. Good luck Mug, if you are street smart and you got enough drive you can do whatever you want. @Seamusg18

P.S. Don’t ever confuse education with intelligence. I know a lot of smart dumb people and a lot of dumb smart people. Both ends of the spectrum are very dangerous. Beware!


Words of wisdom right there.

I’d say there is a measure of ‘Gatekeeping’ as illustrated here, but you have to be able to take some hits and roll with it, or as I was always told have thick skin.
Most of the Cadets I’ve been sailing with have a better work ethic than the industry has been producing from the hawsepipe recently.

It not all false and some information can be garnered from those sorts of comments, even if the message delivery is not so eloquently executed.

Good seamanship IS severely lacking lately, it’s hard to bring up the next generation properly if all you don’t know the basics.


You hit the nail on the head.

Thanks :pray:t2:

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Noted :+1:t2:

It’s just now picking up so the next downturn is hopefully at least a few years away still.

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