DP Cert

DP basic is a very worthwhile credential to invest in at your career stage.

If you were a hiring manager looking at two otherwise equally qualified candidates, would you hire a guy that took the initiative to go get DP Basic , or the guy that expects the company to pay for it?


When are these academies going to get with it? They need to start working with (paying off) the DP licensing guys. That way they can burp out fresh 3rds that know everything AND have full DP.

The US will soon require a lot more DPOs with all the offshore windfarms planned.

Every Windfarm SOV requires 4 or 5 DPOs on each hitch depending if the Skipper will do a DP shift or just sit in their cabin instead.

Some SOVs just have 4 DPOs when the Skipper agrees to not to sit in their cabin all day.

We’re not ever sure what his career stage is.

How far along in school are you?

Senior graduating after 1/C Cruise this summer. September grad

Things could change by then but how it is now I don’t think having the first class would improve your chances of getting hired. Places are really desperate for licensed officers they’ll hire you first and talk about DP class later. Go work for Chouest, they have their own DP school at their office you can go to or go be a third mate on a drill ship.

If you don’t get hired right out of school then consider taking the class.