Demonstration of practical skills

It looks like I’m going to get hired as an inland tug captain in the Pacific NW. My question is what should I expect. Next week they want a demonstration of practical skills on their boats. I have a lot of experience towing barges and floating structures under 80 feet and zero experience with barges over 100 to 200 feet and not much experience with the locks. The company is completely aware of this, but they want me anyway I’m really lucky to get this position I just don’t want to blow it.

go really slow. In my mind, no real differance in the small tows and the bigger ones except they take longer to stop headway.

My best advice (as told to me by my engineer [RIP Teddy]) Say NOTHING for 10 minutes. Listen. Observe. That gives you time to figure out what THEY want you to do.

If you go in ‘guns blazing’ it will usually backfire.

everything is relative my friend and remember clutch is ur friend. youll be fine

Take your time let it float and make it do what you want it to do.