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Hey guys,

New here but I had a question about career path. Ideally I’d love to work on an offshore tug and am working towards that. I was offered a job on an inland towboat and was wondering if that is a viable path to achieve my goal. I don’t have any tug experience and obviously it’s better than nothing, just wondering how valuable it will be? Was thinking of gaining experience at this position for a year or so, but don’t want to get trapped working inland. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


In these uncertain times, if I was fresh out of school and was offered a job, my only question would be when and where do I report, sir. Jus’ sayin’


Gotta start somewhere, I started inland and appreciated the opportunity. As you gain seatime and experience, you may very well achieve your goal. It won’t happen overnight. But can be rewarding if you stick to your goals. Tough out there right now, but runs in cycles, feast or famine.


Nailed it Lee_Shore.

I just noticed you started a thread along the same lines recently. You don’t have to start a new thread every time you have a new question.

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Maybe he wants to be a top contributor


Go to work there but stay job hunting for offshore. Spending too much time inland will make you take longer to move up offshore.

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Go inland 100%.

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Agree with Capt_Phoenix. Keep your eye on the prize you seek. Build up your resume while taking advantage of your present opportunity (A job offer). Keep looking for offshore jobs, it may take a while in this present environment. I had fun running the ditches early on, but offshore appealed to me much more and my pocket book enjoyed it as well. I wish you well. If the company requires you to stay a bit, honor that. You will find out in time who pays what, and who you want to work for. Starting out, you are in back of a long line, but will be shorter as you help yourself out. Good luck sir.

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Whats your idea of offshore tug work? on the wire? or anything pass the demarcation line?

If you can build an inland tow, you have more then enough knowledge to work on an offshore tug. If your stomach agrees.