Inland vs offshore

Hey everybody! I’m new to this site and I am also an aspiring mariner! I tried the whole college thing but I wasnt really sure why I was going, so I’m thinking I need a big change in my life. I’m very much interested in the marine time industrey but this industrey is so vast I need a little bit of advice from some of you guys that’s been around and done that. So my question is, should I shoot for an inland job or an offshore job? I’ve looked at alot of threads on here and I haven’t seen one tackle this issue yet.( It might be there but I didn’t see it.) So, to some of you guys that’s been out there a while, what’s your opinion about which one is better? (pros and cons)? I’m interested in the ATB’s but I’m also interested in the OSV’s. But on the other hand I could probably get a job faster on an inland towboat. I have a twic and mmd so im ready to get started looking. If some of you guys had to do it all over again what would yall do out here in this field? I just want to get a basic idea of different career paths. This is my first post on here after looking around a while and im looking forward to being a part of this community.

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If I had it to do again I would go to one of the state academies then go to sea. I would also go engineering so I would at the least have some shore side options later on in life. The hawsepipe is not a bad way to go but you are shoe horning yourself in to a life on the water with little opportunities ashore. It’s not that bad being stuck on a boat 2/3 of your life but you always wonder what your missing. That being said I would recommend the ATB or OSV route over inshore. On an OSV or ATB you can get your AB ticket and be making over 50k by your second year. Just my 2c.

I work inland waters and if I had to do it all over I wouldn’t change a thing. When you first start as a green deckhand on an inland boat you are going to work your ass off but it all pays off when you get to the wheelhouse. I’m sure the offshore guys will say the same about what they do but I like the fact that if the sh$!t hits the fan at the house I can push up on the bank and call a cab rather than hope for a helicopter.

Is inland pay (push boats) less than offshore (wire tugs)?

Have you ever been offshore? Do you know if you get seasick? I like offshore better but, if you are new to boats and don’t know how your body handles it I would recommend inland. If nothing else to get the feel of being on a boat for an extended period of time. The work is just as hard if not harder for a inland deckhand. I’d go for a inland tug job if I were you. If you know you don’t get seasick and want to work offshore I’d recommend utility boats or crewboats.

He sounds young… encourage him to go deep sea then he can really figure out what he wants!

Also where ever you end up you’ll get a lot of brownie points form the captain and crew if you are a good cook.