Professional advice/opinions welcome

Hey all,

Currently working as a mate and PIC for a very reputable ATB company. Benefits are great, schedule is fair, all in all job security is there.

Not much boat handling at all to be had. Pilot or master do most of the boat handling inside of the sea buoy.

I was looking to switch over to the inland sector on push boats. The opportunities are there with very reputable companies including benefits etc., and boat handling is 100 percent of the job which is what I want. To start out I would have to take a position as tankerman until I could be cut loose as a pilot(mate). Substantial pay cut to start but once I make pilot The money is comparable if not better to what I get now.

I’m a bit skeptical in regards to job security. I understand the inland sector took a hit during Covid and am wondering if this would be a sound move to make right now? Seems as if things are picking up but would appreciate any insight or advice from the inland guys.