Looking for work

How do you choose your path in this industry? I would like to be on the bridge eventually. Would a tug company hire me with no experience or a Cargo ship for that matter. I got my app done for the twic. Mmc next. Am i too old at 47? I know your only as old as you feel. Im pretty spry for my age. Looking for any advice. Thanks

Probably the easiest would be inland tugs or supply boats. If you can cook (or are willing to learn) you can get on offshore tugs as OS/cook but frequently that’s the only OS spot available.

If you live near an SIU hall stop by and see what the job prospects look like. Maybe there are OS positions available in the union.

This is at least the third thread on the same topic that this person has started. What’s going on?

Sorry man. 3 posts. Get over it. Just trying to get advice.

Thanks. I wont post here anymore as a lot of people mention. Just trying to figure out how to get on a ship or tug.

That’s fine, just don’t keep starting new threads on the same topic. If your question wasn’t answered in the previous thread then ask clarifying questions.

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