DDE Upgrade

Had a question about how to get the chief osv endorsement i currently have my DDE 4000

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I have the sea time do I need to take engine resource management and leader ship and skills and also electrical electronics and control engineering

You don’t need those for the national endorsement (license). But for STCW, it’s going to take a lot more than that. You also have to meet all of the courses and assessments for officer in charge of an engineering watch if you don’t already hold that endorsement. For Chief Engineer, in addition to the courses you list there are assessments.

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Right now I’m the sole engineer on a 4,600hp
200 ton tug right now

years ago, ok, years and years ago I debated going the DDE route and was advised against it. as I recall sea time and how it is applied was the issue.
I eventually ended up in blue water, chief oceans. I understand getting “the document” is complicated if you have DDE but i encourage you to slog away at it.

Do you have OICEW?

No I don’t have officer in charge of a engineering watch
How do I go about getting that

I plan on being in the harbor do to family don’t want to do long hitches right now I do 7on7off

Also they run my seatime as the sole engineer of the vessel so that helps

mcp_fm_nmc5_213_web.pdf (173.9 KB)

If you wanna stay on harbor tugs, why get the chief osv?

Even if you don’t upgrade your dde 4000, you are limiting yourself not having OICEW. If you ever want to venture past the boundary lines or work on boats over 199 grt, you need it. Some companies want you to have it no matter what. Just some food for thought.

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I’ve done trips trim Fort Lauderdale to Brownsville Texas I’ve done runs just like to max myself out here in the harbor then maybe when I’m older go do longer trips offshore when the kids are older

Oicew if I wanted to get that can I do it now with what I have

Click that link on my last post. Thats the checklist for it.

There is a engineer here now can he sign off things for me

Link won’t pull up can u send again

For future reference all the checklists for everything are on the NMC’s website.

Could I have this guy at work sign me off on as my QA

So that I can get my oicew

Could this guy sign my assessment record sheet checking everything off for me so I can send it in to get my OICEW