DDE AHP, which STCW endorsement when?

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I currently hold a DDE All horse power (and a 3rd A/E) and got issued a OICEW III/1 with it.
Currently I sailed 370 days with 1000+ HP with it and I believe according to 46 CFR 11.327 I can get a STCW III/2 as second engineer.

What is the difference to the chief engineer STCW III/2 11.325

Would the second engineer STCW only allow me to sail as
second on any vessel?

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When I was DDE any hp, i got passed up on potential jobs because I didn’t have a non-trade restricted III/2. Mine was limited to OSVs. A potential employer told me all i had to do was ask for it. I was told by the NMC that this endorsement doesn’t apply to a DDE license.

I will assume that some DDE unlimiteds must have it based on what this potential employer told me, but then again based on other things during the interview they may be in error.

Since then i’ve upgraded to chief limited and have a non-trade restricted III/2. I’ve had my gap closure classes done for a while now (meece, leadership management and erm) for a few years so all i needed was to get some assessments done.

This may be a good example of a situation to get a licensing consultant because my personal experience with it may be an exception and not the rule and quite honestly i have had a hard time understanding the ins and outs of it!

Interesting. Thank you for your story. The NMC initially told me as well that a OICEW is what you get. After I mentioned the CFR they said it is possible. Not sure what a second engineer restriction would be as it wouldn’t restrict the vessel like OSV or MODU?

Personally I know of some people too who have a DDE and did get a III/2 with it no problem. This might have all happened before the rules changed 01/01/2017 though.

2 more years and I qualify for chief limited too then this issue will be resolved for me too unless the rules change again.

Since a DDE is the only engineer on board, they are the Chief and the appropriate endorsement is one for Chief Engineer under STCW III/2.

The rules did change on 1/1/2017. You now need to either hold OICEW, or do all of the training and assessment for OICEW in addition to the training and assessment for III/2. If you already have OICEW (III/1) you should only need the II/2 training and assessment.

You mean III/2?


After another 350 days you can get STCW III/2 Chief Engineer.


No, you are restricted by your national license at all times so your STCW III/2 would only apply to vessels less than 500 GRT (the cutoff for DDE).

Sorry I phrased that not correctly. Would the second engineer STCW allow me to sail as a chief on a vessel under 500 GT? Or does that mean I could only be the second engineer even with the III/2 on vessels less than 500 GT?

jdcavo Would you happen to know if that assesments is nvic 15-14 you are referring to?

What if the DDE was approved before 2017 and was applied to with STCW endorsement? Was that issued as III/2?