Day for day schedule

Anyone know of any companies hiring that work 30-30 or 60-60 schedule? 1600 ton master w/oceans and towing endorsement:Thanks in advance

Most. I work 28 and 28 at Seacor. You need to get DP

there are alot of companies hiring, google is your friend

I don’t hear alot from tanker companies on this thread, perhaps its my poor searching… Regardless, does the even time, i.e. 30/30, 60/60, etc. apply to any known non-dp Deck/Eng positions?


You fucking people are helpless. I used the search function and found this immediately. Other than the oilfield search for tug company’s they work even time also.

The port Captain,must be fixing the problem in the the engine room. Must have upset Roll Tide here. # Alabamas finest.

If you find the search function lacking on the site then use google. Follow you search query with the phrase gcaptain forum.

My “port captain” as you call him is just that a captain and couldn’t fix shit in my engine room. Nothing is broke down there because much like Alabama Football we dominate the engine room on this boat. #TROLL TIDE!!!