Edison Chouest hours

Is there a 60 on 60 off schedule for captains on ECO and.if so is time.off or s break available during the 60 days on stretch??
Im looking to apply and would really like a 60 on and 60 off schedule to optimise time with fanily who live overseas

I would say anything is possible but it’s not likely. Normal gulf equal time schedule is 28/28. If you found a person that wants to work opposite you on a 56/56 rotation the office would let you work it but they’re also not going to help you find that. Maybe some of their foreign boats already have a 56/56 schedule, I’m not sure. (I’m also not sure if the company is back to being mostly 28/14 domestic and 56/28 foreign or not.)

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Some of the boats are 28/14, some 28/28, most overseas boats are 56/28

What do you mean by a break being available on the 60 day stretch?

Probably shore leave.

Shore leave?!?! Lol

In asking that question I’m wondering if you’ve ever worked on a supply boat. If that’s a no you’re not going to get a captains spot

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I think the government division was on longer trips due to the distance and paid crew change. I recall some people were 90 on / 45 off. But you need a security clearance for that. I doubt they would be the ones to get it for you very soon. The government division also does have shore leave as far as I recall.

Depending on the vessel and location in the world it is located, ECO has the following rotations:

Where do they have 42/21?

42/21 is in the GOM.

The cruise ship they wanted to put me on has 42/21

You forgot 30/30 & 90/90, but those are not ones the average new hire will wind up working.

Very true, I am not privy to much in the Gov. division.