14 and 28

Does any one in the Gulf have a 14 on and 28 day off schedule?

Hell I can’t even get even time! I wonder who I have to help hide a body to get that schedule!

I’ve heard of people having that schedule but mostly because they’ve been with the company they are at for so long, they just get called in for relief work and are pretty much retired. But I’ve never actually met anyone with that schedule.

I knew of a guy who had that schedule. He didnt need the $ cause he had a trust fund and his relief needed the money so it worked out for him. And the company didnt care as long and someone was on the boat.

The North Sea has that…

Sounds like some pilots I know that work week on, two off!

Yes, lots of that on North sea oil rigs I’ve heard…

I personally know two people at ECO with that schedule; a cook and a relief Chief Eng. I’m sure if you lobby long and hard enough for it you could get it. Nice transition for easing into retirement.

We’ve got a handful of guys that do that, but like someone else said, they are guys that have been with us a long time and are just putting in a few more years to retirement. I’m pretty confident we would never hire someone looking for that schedule.

I found another engineer at ECO that wants 28 & 28 but if you ever worked there you know how that goes. They tell you to find someone to work the schedule yourself. You give them 3 or 4 names and no ones coordinator wants to give them the transfer. Guess I will stick with the 14 & 14 I have for now. I have two businesses I am trying to grow and need a little more time off.:cool:

I asked HOS if they would do 28/14 but they told me they only do equal time. I wish I could work more but I’ll have to take what I can get.

Horse crap… No pun intended

[QUOTE=T-bobo;127107]Does any one in the Gulf have a 14 on and 28 day off schedule?[/QUOTE]

Possibly we should start a thread where a opening is for 14/28. I know there are boats where nearly everyone wants to go equal time, but you have one hand who wants to keep the 28/14.

Now if you had someone out there whom wanted 14/28, you could put him across the hold out (still wants 28/14), and the rest of the boat can go equal time.

As mentioned earlier, the company does not care, just as long as the boat is crewed up, and the office does not have to expend any effort to set the process up. Don’t ask the office for a body to do the 14/28, just present them with a good plan.

Anyway…just a thought that maybe we should start a thread for those persons wanting equal time or 14/28

What would be great is if we could get 14/28 and have the ridiculous pay that they have in the North Sea as well!

Personally, I’d take a 33% pay cut to do such a schedule, but it isn’t something I’d push for. Who knows though, it is probably a matter of time before the big companies such as Shell and BP realize the safety implications for such a schedule and may at least try it out or even require some companies to have such a schedule.

I think the biggest reason it doesn’t happen though is that it requires more mariners, more mariners means more competition for employees and higher day rates for everyone. That costs money. :slight_smile: