Equal Time in GoM?

I worked the GoM years ago and it was mostly 28/14 and 14/7. With all the new IMR boats and “large OSV’s” coming out-and what seems to be an influx of deep sea mariners-have any companies embraced an equal time (i.e. 28/28) schedule? Thanks for the feedback.

Really hard to find a schedule liek that anymore. There are a few situations like that but you really have to look for them.

some of the tugs do 21/21

GOL 14 and 14

Seacor also has some even time.

Most of them will do it, but there are no guarantees…normally you have to work it out yourselves so if your relief is down with it the office normally will allow it to happen.

Hornbeck was doing equal time a while back, I don’t know if they still are. I heard that Otto Candies has some equal time schedules too.

I have a friend working for Hornbeck that is on 21/21.