Even schedule work opportunities?

Hey guys, just after a little career advice in finding a position. I know COVID19 is having an effect on many companies and their hiring processes. I currently hold an MMC OS rating, TWIC, STCW BST, VPDSD, and Security Awarness. I have a couple years of maritime experience on private vessels, but none on work boats. A big aspect that appeals to me with commercial work is the idea of having an even schedule (14/14, 28/28, etc.). I’ve followed every piece of advice given to me, and have applied at countless companies over the past few months but nothing has come of it yet. Just looking for any other options I may have. I’ve mainly been focused on tug work, but have also applied for OSVs, R/V, and anything else I can find. I am open to anything really. Money is not a huge focus of mine, as long as its a live aboard position. Thanks in advance for any help!

Be aware that some commercial operators hold a bias against yachties. You can’t change that mindset but maybe you can tailor your resume with that in mind. I would knock on the doors of small operations and be Johnny on the spot in case one of their guys doesn’t show up for work.

Thanks for the response, yeah I understand that. Wouldn’t classify myself as a yachtie, but also can’t change that I have that experience. Went in person to a lot of the NYC companies, but I think I’ll have to wait a few months before that’s acceptable with the virus going around

Getting your AB will make you more marketable.

Thanks, that is my plan, I am looking for a position to build sea time as well.

World is in massive crisis. Best bet is to find whatever work you can and ride this storm out. Companies most likely looking to survive now, not hire.


It’s extremely hard to get even time on Tugboats as it takes different times to different ports and you will find some guys homestead their jobs and others can’t wait to get off after 30 days plus HR lots of times says a relief isn’t available but good luck to you

We just went front 14/14 to 21/21 company wide

That’d be perfect! I’d love that schedule

That’d be perfect. I’d love that schedule!